Teachers' Training College Mirza

Kochpara, Chhayani, Chayani Bordwar, Guwahati - 78125, Mobile No : +919706070046
Email : ttcmirza@gmail.com



Total Land Area of the College is 3027.36 sqm. However the New Building of the College is under construction. The Total build up area of the college is 3419.00 sqm.. The said land is in the name of Teachers' Training College, Mirza. The land of Teachers' Training College is not on lease system. The certificate of the land to use for the said institution is obtained from SDC, Palasbari revenue circle.

The construction of the college building on the said land is completed. However the college authority has an intention to extend the building and therefore provision was kept. The college building is constructed as fire safety proof. The construction of the building is concrete. The provision of common room for boys and girls is there in the college building. The college building has been completed in the year 1996. The covered area of the college building is 1839.677 sq. mt. The college building has two main class room of sizes being 30x30x2 = 1800 sq. feet. Besides, it has five other activity rooms. The Teachers' Training College also provides other facilities like- Psychological laboratory for experimentation library facility to provide book and reading habit to the students, outdoor and indoor games facilities, community hall as used by the community members for varied purposes.

The college library has its separate reference section journal section and reading room. The college library has a total of 2779 books. 15 educational journals/ periodicals are being subscribed for the benefit of the trainee students to provide various information. Three(3) sets of encyclopedias are available in the library, Viz- visual encyclopedias etc. Fifty reference books are available in the reference section of the library. The college library has its satisfactory seating capacity for one fourth of the total students. 30 students can together read in the reading room of the library.

Equipments available in the lab are as follows:

  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus Electrical with reset error counter.
  • Human Maze Electrical with reset error counter.
  • Bhatia Battery Performance test.
  • Differential Apptitude test.
  • Tachistoscope fall door type.
  • Kohs Black Test.
  • Pass Along Test.
  • Verbal Conditioning.
  • Overhead Projector.
  • Television.
  • Computers.
  • Speaker.

The college make the arrangement for practice teaching every year by taking permission from the Inspector of school, KDC. A total of five schools have been chosen for practice teaching.

  • Palasbari R.B. MS & MP School.
  • Mirza Girls High School.
  • Larpara Girls High School.
  • Uparhali Higher Secondary School.
  • Arunodaya English Medium High School.

Facilities for Games & Sports:
The college has its own playground. The college also uses playground of the community for large scale games & sports on sharing basis.The college lags Gymnasium Multipurpose Hall.The college lags to provide the facilities for gymnasium.The college offers facilities to the students for athletics.The college provides facilities for Indoor games like- carom, chess, ludo, etc.Outdoor Games facilities are also there in the college. Football, cricket, volleyball, shotput throw, Discus throw, tug of war, running race, javline throw, etc. are offered.

Other Facilities Available:
The college has its canteen facility.The college has its own medical facility for minor injury. Besides the Mirza PHC is located near the college.Teahers' Training College, Mirza has not yet made the provision for boarding.