Teachers' Training College Mirza

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Principal's Desk


After passing glorious 25 years Teachers’ Training College, Mirza stands as a premier institution in imparting teacher education. Our motto is to prepare effective teachers for better teaching to our new generation. Teacher learning is a continuous process that promote teachers’ teaching skill, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency which in turn, help improve students’ learning. Teacher education refers to the policies, procedures and provision designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the class room, school and wider community.

In the last 150 years of teachers’ training history the profession of teaching has been undergone in a massive change. In the recent years the syllabus of the B. Ed. Course have been trying to enable the teacher trainees more efficient. In performing such a task of responsibility, our college takes so many innovative programmes.

The members of the Teachers’ Training College, Mirza take this opportunity to welcome you to visit our website find out more about the college which will help you in your professional career as a teacher.

With the best wishes.

Dr. Pradip Kumar Kalita

(M.Sc., M.A, M.Ed., Ph.D., L.L.B.)
Teachers Training college, Mirza